Monday, 8 December 2014

Super-Talented Readers

A few weeks ago I received a lovely e-mail message from a reader called Trinity. She was writing a ten-page essay about the differences or similarities between two of her favourite characters  - George Kirrin from Famous Five and Emily Wild from the Adventure Island series. Trinity asked me lots of fascinating questions, which I did my best to answer.

George Kirrin

Emily Wild
And then, just the other day I was thrilled to receive another message from Trinity, with her brilliant essay attached. It was so interesting, thoughtful and beautifully written, I thought other readers might like to see it, and she kindly agreed that I could share it on my website. And that wasn't all! Trinity also sent a fabulous book review of The Mystery of the Invisible Spy by her sister, Gabriella. I've copied that below too.

What a very talented family! Thank you, girls, for being such lovely readers. I'm delighted that you have enjoyed reading the Adventure Island books.

Read on for Trinity's essay and Gabriella's book review . . .

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Update on Secrets of the Tombs Two

If you enjoyed reading about Cleo and Ryan's adventures in The Valley of the Kings in The Phoenix Code, you might be wondering where their next mystery will take them - and more importantly, when!

I'm happy to tell you that I can now answer both questions.

(1) China
(2) June, 2015

If you were reading very carefully, you might have picked up a hint as to the first answer . . . in the final chapter of The Phoenix Code, Pete McNeil mentions that he's been asked to study a strange ancient burial in China. He wonders whether Ryan's Mum, Julie Flint would be interested in coming along to write some articles about the dig. So that's where they go. You can find out what happens next in The Dragon Path . . .

The final version will have lovely shiny foil lettering
 And here it is! A sneak preview of the new book cover. I hope you'll agree that the cover is fabulous - full of mystery and danger. I love it!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Three Little Story Book Pigs are My Bag

Last week was a very exciting one in my household. My brother and his wife and children were visiting from Thailand. My little niece, Lana (6) and nephew, Jak (7) were born in Thailand and this was their very first visit to England.

All week I got to do the fun stuff that my boys - now fully-fledged teenagers - used to love but no longer want to do - go to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs, draw pictures, play board games, make cakes, read picture books and visit the farm to feed the animals. One of the highlights was meeting these three delightful piglets - so gorgeous with their candy-pink ears and snouts and curly-wurly tails - just like story-book pictures.

Not by the hairs on our chinny-chin-chins!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September School Visits

Can I Help You With That? by helenmoss
Storm loves to help sweep up the Autumn leaves
II know some people dread going back to school but I've always loved September and the start of a new school term. It's a time for new pencil cases and shiny notebooks and good resolutions (this term I will  do all my homework the day I get it, share my sweets and wake up early to practise cello before breakfast every day; average time before resolution broken = 2.4 days). Each day, walking home from school, more and more leaves have fallen from the leaves. The first fluttering few soon pile up in drifts just waiting to be scattered by a foot clad in a conker-shiny new-term shoe.

For me, September and school go together like toast and marmite.

That's why I was so delighted to pack my bags and head off on a September school visit tour.