Uncharted Territory


How is it possible that World Book Day was only a couple of weeks ago?

I was trekking all over the country, squeezing into busy trains, eating in crowded cafes, meeting hundreds of friendly children, exchanging handshakes, high fives and hugs . . .

That seems like a lifetime away. The pandemic has swept us all up on a journey that none of us asked to go on; we have no maps, and even our guides aren't quite sure what lies ahead. But like all great explorers, we are going to learn a lot about our world, our fellow travelers, and especially ourselves as we venture into uncharted territory.

Whether you're at school or learning from home over the next weeks and months, you might find it hard to focus at first, with so many changes and distractions (if you're anything like me, that is!), but soon you'll settle into a new pattern. Enjoy reading widely, writing stories, illustrating stories, sharing stories with your families, or with your friends on-line. Why not try keeping a journal of all the things that happen  - it will be SO interesting to look back on when you are older . . . one day you can say to your grandchildren . . . I remember 2020, when schools closed and we had to stay at home and the shops didn't have any toilet rolls!