Time Dogs

I'm thrilled to introduce my new series, Time Dogs.

I had so much fun writing about Drift in Adventure Island that  I decided to write a new series of all
about dogs.  I also made sure to include two of my other favourite things - history and adventure!
 Published in 2019 and 2020, the three books are beautifully illustrated throughout by Misa Saburi, and just right for young readers of 5-8. Published by Henry Holt and Co (an imprint of Macmillan.
Although the books are only published in USA at the moment, and not available in many UK bookshops (except the fantastic Heffers in Cambridge), you can order them all on-line via Macmillan, Amazon or here are Blackwells On-line Bookshop.

When a pack of senior dogs find themselves transported into the past—and reliving their second puppyhood—the canny canine crew embark on adventures to help some of history’s greatest dogs including famous sled-racing dog Balto and Lewis and Clark’s Seaman.

I'm so grateful to my agent Jenny Savill for championing the series and finding it the perfect publishing home, and to editor Laura Godwin and everyone in the Godwin Books/Henry Holt/Macmillan team for making these stories the best that they can be in every way - and of course, to Misa for her adorable pictures (including the cover art).

You can find out more about the inspiration behind Time Dogs in my guest post on the fantastic Teachers Who Read blog.


In this first adventure, meet Baxter, Trevor, Newton, Titch, and Maia—the time dogs!—as they find themselves transported through time and space to 1925 Alaska. There, deep in the wilderness, the puppies must help Balto in his famous sled race to deliver medicine during a diphtheria outbreak.

Read a sample chapter here!

In this second adventure, Baxter, Trevor, Newton, Titch, and Maia—the time dogs!—find themselves transported through time and space to 1805 on the Missouri River. There, deep in the wilderness, the puppies must help Seaman, the dog of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark.


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This time it's Maia the papillon's turn to be centre-stage, as the pack find themselves in the Swiss Alps in the early 1800s, joining the famous mountain rescue dog, Barry, on a life-or-death mission . . .


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Reviews for Time Dogs

Balto and the Race Against Time was included in the New York Public Library's Best Books of 2019 list and the Scholastic Teacher Magazine's Fifty Best Books of the Summer.

If the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne, the Ranger in Time series by Kate Messner and Paw Patrol got together and created a younger version of themselves with dogs and a time traveling van, you would get The Time Dogs series. The first two Time Dogs by Helen Moss are a sweet mix of fact and fiction. Clever stories bring to life the history of famous dogs and their people. Cannonball Read  Full review here.

These books gave me all the Magic Treehouse and Ranger in Time vibes and are perfect for young readers that want chapter books that are age appropriate. Teachers Who Read