Monday, 29 February 2016

World Book Day Costumes

Hooray, it's the week of World Book Day. For authors, that means one thing:  lot  and lots of school visits (I'll be at four schools this week - can't wait to see everyone at Great Chesterford, Southbank International, William Bellamy and North Kidlington Schools!)

Many schools have a dressing up day on Thursday. Have you decided which book character you will go as?  My boys are grown up now but I  can well remember the days of rustling up last-minute fictional characters out of sellotape, old string and the contents of the kitchen cupboards.

Emily and Jack - easy Workd Book Day costume ideas!

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Write Path on the Clopton Way

Clopton . . all part of the story
A few years ago a lovely lady called Bev Humphrey asked me to contribute a story starter to a scheme she runs called The Write Path. Bev was a school librarian for many years and  is now a literacy consultant. She set up The Write Path as a fun way to help schools inspire children to write stories and poems. Every October she asks lots of authors to send in a the beginning of a story or poem. These are posted on the website and children in the schools that take part can then continue the stories however they want, each adding a paragraph or two before handing over to the next author. It's especially exciting as schools all over the world get involved.