World Book Day Costumes

Hooray, it's the week of World Book Day. For authors, that means one thing:  lot  and lots of school visits (I'll be at four schools this week - can't wait to see everyone at Great Chesterford, Southbank International, William Bellamy and North Kidlington Schools!)

Many schools have a dressing up day on Thursday. Have you decided which book character you will go as?  My boys are grown up now but I  can well remember the days of rustling up last-minute fictional characters out of sellotape, old string and the contents of the kitchen cupboards.

Emily and Jack - easy Workd Book Day costume ideas!

The Saucepan Man from The Faraway Tree is my top last-minute tip for busy mums (and dads!) although do be prepared for a spot of tinnitus from all the clanging. I did excel myself one year by running up a 101 Dalmations spotted fur waistcoat (artificial fur, I hasten to add; I am not channelling my inner Cruella de Vil here!) but it was all downhill after that.

So, if you haven't decided yet and you want to stand out from all the Frozen princesses and Star Wars  heros, how about dressing up as Emily or Jack from Adventure Island? These are simple costumes that really can be put together five minutes before the school bus leaves while making a packed lunch, feeding the dog and retrieving the P.E. kit from the back of the airing cupboard.

Emily Wild. Emily is twelve years old and loves investigating mysteries. She has long brown curly hair, wears an old t-shirt and cut-off shorts and either flip-flops or trainers (or bare feet). She always has a her dog, Drift with her (a black, brown and white collie cross spaniel cross something unknown). Emily always carries her investigations kit - a shoulder bag containing any or all of the following.
magnifying glass
evidence bag
survival handbooks
code books

and anything else at all that you could think of that would be useful for tracking down villains.

Jack Carter. Jack is also 12. He wears a baggy t-shirt, shorts and trainers and has sticking up fair hair. He likes BMX bikes, comics and rock climbing. He usually has a packet of sweets or crisps in his pocket. In one book he has a pet white mouse called Boz.

Have fun! Do send me your photos of your Adventure Island (or even Secrets of the Tombs) World Book Day costumes  and I'll post them here.

An amazing EmilyWild and Mrs Loveday from Adventure Island