Friday, 22 November 2013

Heffers Christmas Family Day

Can't wait for next Saturday!

I'm going to be joining forces with lots of my favourite children's authors for a festive day of book signings, reading and activities at Heffers Children's Book Shop in Cambridge.

I hope you'll be able to come along and say hello and maybe buy some signed books as Christmas presents.

I'll also be launching the Giving Tree - where you can buy a book to give as a present to a disadvantaged child.

Here's just a small selection of the the amazing books by these authors . . . as you can see, something for all children and teenagers of all ages . . .  there'll be Adventure Island books too, of course!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

I Declare This Library Open!

What an honour! I was invited to open the gorgeous brand new library at Thongsley Fields Primary School in Huntingdon last week.

The whole school gathered in the hall for the opening speeches - right down to the tiniest children from the nursery (aww!!). There was so much excitement you could feel it buzzing in the air like electricity. And all about books and reading.

It was fabulous.

I do hope I didn't lower the tone too much by telling the story of how I was once so desperate to read my new library books on the way home in the car that I was sick all over my little brother (I should point out that this was when I was eight. I do still get travel sick if I read in the car, or even look down at a map, but I haven't been sick on my brother for  years. Especially as he lives in Thailand now. Hmm, now i think about it I wonder if there's a link!)

The wonderful young librarians of Thongsley Fields Primary School

After a chat about our the wonderful worlds we can enter through books, and the characters we would most like to meet (Scruffy -  who came along as Drift's stunt double as always - voted for Spot, Scooby Doo, Drift and Marley) I was taken on a tour of the new library by the team of polite, enthusiastic and all-round delightful young librarians. I was most impressed by the bright and welcoming library and could easily imagine settling down for a good read in one of its comfy corners.

Scruffy - Drift's stunt double- hard at work

Thank you very much to Jakki Racey from Huntingdon library service for asking me to come along and to everyone at Thongsley Fields for the lovely welcome. I'm really looking forward to coming back to your school at the end of the month to work with Y5 and Y6 all day.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Authors for the Philippines

Seeing the news of the terrible devastation wrought by the typhoon in the Philippines I'm sure your heart will have gone out to people who have lost so much and are faced with the overwhelming task of rebuilding their lives.

To help raise money to support the survivors of the typhoon a group of authors have set up an on-line auction called Authors for the Philippines.  Authors, illustrators and editors  have donated items ranging from signed books to author visits  to "name a character in my next book". There are also manuscript critiques for aspiring writers.

Many of these would make utterly amazing Christmas presents.  You must know someone who would like a signed copy of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish in their stocking or a dedication in the next Horrid Henry book or to be a character in Patrick Ness's next book or even a night at the pub with Andy Stanton and Anthony McGowan!

And if you're an Adventure Island reader, you could also bid for signed books and a visit to your school from me (I'm Lot 123 . . . currently I'm quite a bargain!)

All you have to do is click on this link or the logo, browse the items and put in a bid. If you win, you just make your payment directly to the Red Cross - so if you were thinking of making a donation to the relief fund anyway, this is a great way to do it.

Even if you have already given as much as you can afford, do have a look at the website; it's worth it just for some of the fun items on offer. For example, how could anyone resist "having your name shouted at random by a badger" in the next John Dougherty book?

Bidding closes on 20th November, so don't hang about!