Authors for the Philippines

Seeing the news of the terrible devastation wrought by the typhoon in the Philippines I'm sure your heart will have gone out to people who have lost so much and are faced with the overwhelming task of rebuilding their lives.

To help raise money to support the survivors of the typhoon a group of authors have set up an on-line auction called Authors for the Philippines.  Authors, illustrators and editors  have donated items ranging from signed books to author visits  to "name a character in my next book". There are also manuscript critiques for aspiring writers.

Many of these would make utterly amazing Christmas presents.  You must know someone who would like a signed copy of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish in their stocking or a dedication in the next Horrid Henry book or to be a character in Patrick Ness's next book or even a night at the pub with Andy Stanton and Anthony McGowan!

And if you're an Adventure Island reader, you could also bid for signed books and a visit to your school from me (I'm Lot 123 . . . currently I'm quite a bargain!)

All you have to do is click on this link or the logo, browse the items and put in a bid. If you win, you just make your payment directly to the Red Cross - so if you were thinking of making a donation to the relief fund anyway, this is a great way to do it.

Even if you have already given as much as you can afford, do have a look at the website; it's worth it just for some of the fun items on offer. For example, how could anyone resist "having your name shouted at random by a badger" in the next John Dougherty book?

Bidding closes on 20th November, so don't hang about!