Friday, 12 March 2021

A Reader's Story

I love hearing from readers and it's always especially fun to read stories that you have written. I recently received this fantastic story from Esther, aged 9, who told me how she had been inspired to write a new mystery for Jack, Scott, Emily and Drift to solve, after finding a mysterious object in the woods. 

 Well done, Esther, your story has a great plot, lots of clever clues and exciting action, and I love the way that you have captured the characters and settings of Adventure Island! I'm sure mystery-lovers everywhere will enjoy reading this too, and I bet you'll inspire a few more to write their own stories too!


The Mystery of the Cursed Rock

by Esther (9)


One sunny morning in Castle Key, Emily woke startled as she had just solved the mystery that they were investigating. She ran to her phone and called Scott. “ What is it Emily, it's five in the morning.” Groaned Scott

“ I just solved our last mystery,” she said while running around the room.

“ Who is it?” Jack said sleepily.