Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My Book Week Bonanza

Posing with an Adventure Island fan, Tabitha,
in front of the beautiful display of island maps
It was such a treat to spend two days with the children of St John's College School during World Book Week. What a lovely enthusiastic bunch of readers and writers and artists they are! Many of them had read several Adventure Island books already, and they'd also been busy drawing fabulous maps of imaginary islands, inspired by the map of Castle Key (drawn by mega-brilliant illustrator Leo Hartas) in the Adventure Island books. 

The maps were all beautifully displayed in the library, with cool design work by the lovely librarians (even my name all made out of miniature book covers - a work of art!). Picking the winners of the map competition was quite a challenge as they were all so amazing. I've included a selection below (huge apologies to everyone I've missed out. I only had time to take a few photos, especially as I was balancing a chair to get to the ones at the top.)