Monday, 25 February 2013

Competition Time Again

It seems that Adventure Island readers are a very competitive bunch!

Over on the Adventure Island website, the SIT agents have been  pleading with Scott, Jack and Emily to run a new competition, now that the mystery story writing competition is over.
Following a suggestion from Agent Snowy Owl, Scott has just announced details of the fantabulous new Design-A-Gadget competition.

Here's the information from Scott's blog . . .

Monday, 18 February 2013

History, Handy Hints, A Competition and a Quiz

Children's books have changed a bit
Last week I headed off to the lovely village of Richards Castle in Shropshire to give a talk about writing for children to the Women's Institute

Richards Castle is where my parents live, so although it was a three hour drive each way I was delighted to go and fit in a flying family visit at the same time (and this was the jet-propelled super-sonic kind of flying, no gentle tootle in a hot air balloon, due to a trip to Wembley to watch the England-Brazil match the night before and an emergency dentist's appointment the following morning to patch up a broken tooth with a very poor sense of timing.)

I talked about  the history of children's books and how so much has changed (language, tone, pace) while so much has stayed the same (a great story, character, adventure, tension). I'd had a lovely time researching the topic and even made up a quiz on classic children's books. But when it came to questions, what everyone really wanted to know was how to go about getting a book published . . .