Monday, 29 October 2012

Half Term Happenings

Happy Bonfire Night!
There's so much going on this half term week it's hard to know where to start! There's Halloween in the middle, of course, and then Bonfire Night - although not officially until the Monday after half term, most of the events will be taking place at the weekend.

Bonfire Night is my favourite event of the year, after Christmas, with Halloween not far behind!

And this half-term, there are some Adventure Island related events too. On Thursday 1st November, I'll be taking part in the Blue Smile Stories for Smiles event at Waterstones in Cambridge. It's a children's reading marathon over two days, with lots of local authors taking part, all to raise funds for the Blue Smile charity which provides counselling and therapy for pupils in schools between the ages of 3 and 13. 
Find out all about it here.

the bear who guards the entrance
 to the Sedgwick Museum

And then on Friday 2nd I'll be giving a talk at the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge as part of the amazing Festival of Ideas - hundreds of free talks in Cambridge over two weeks, on just about every topic you can imagine. The title of my talk is Shady Shenanigans and Dastardly Deeds - I'll be talking all about ideas for the crimes, secrets and misdeeds at the heart of the Adventure Island books - just right for the halloween week! The talk is from 3 to 4 pm - come along if you can - here is all the information about it.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Adventure Island Story Writing Competition

mystery solving in progress
Over on the Adventure Island website, the four main characters of the series, Jack, Scott, Emily and Drift, each have their own blog. Readers leave comments and chat about the books and other pressing issues of the day - recent topics have included Olympic heroes, biscuits, going back to school, Dr Who and spiders!

Several of the regular contributors have been asking for a story-writing competition to follow on from the drawing competition earlier in the year, so finally Scott has posted the details . . . I've copied the information below. If you would like to enter, we'd all love to read your story. As well as the prize(s) I will feature all the stories submitted in the Story Showcase on the Young Writers page . . .

Message from Scott . . .
All you have to do is to write a mystery story featuring me, Jack, Emily and Drift  - and anyone else you like too. You can choose one of the following two titles . . .

The Mystery of the Locked Door
The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog

or, if you have a brilliant idea for a mystery story with a different title, you can use that - as long as it goes, The Mystery of the . ...
Maximum length - 750 words
Send your story by email to
You can either attach it as a text or word document or you can copy it into the main part of the email message.
If you want to do an illustration to go with it, that would be great, but we will be judging the story not the picture.
Please state your age in your e-mail and give your first name.
If you win, you will be asked to supply a name and address so we can send you your prize - please make sure that is ok with a parent or guardian before you send your entry in.
The judges will be me, Emily and Jack! We'll pick an overall winner. If we have lots of entries, we might have some runner-up prizes too.
The main prize will be an Adventure Island goody bag with some signed books, a special Adventure Island notebook (just like one that Emily uses!) and an Adventure Island mug.
Deadline: November 30th 2012

So, get plotting and writing! I can't wait to read all the mystery stories that you come up with for us to solve!

Happy writing!

crime-fighting is hungry work!