Friday, 12 March 2021

A Reader's Story

I love hearing from readers and it's always especially fun to read stories that you have written. I recently received this fantastic story from Esther, aged 9, who told me how she had been inspired to write a new mystery for Jack, Scott, Emily and Drift to solve, after finding a mysterious object in the woods. 

 Well done, Esther, your story has a great plot, lots of clever clues and exciting action, and I love the way that you have captured the characters and settings of Adventure Island! I'm sure mystery-lovers everywhere will enjoy reading this too, and I bet you'll inspire a few more to write their own stories too!


The Mystery of the Cursed Rock

by Esther (9)


One sunny morning in Castle Key, Emily woke startled as she had just solved the mystery that they were investigating. She ran to her phone and called Scott. “ What is it Emily, it's five in the morning.” Groaned Scott

“ I just solved our last mystery,” she said while running around the room.

“ Who is it?” Jack said sleepily.

Scott said “ It's Emily, she said she solved the investigation.”

“ What, the one about Mrs Loveday’s missing cake,”

Jack said.

“ Yep that's the one,” Scott said whilst holding a glass of ice cold water.

“ Hey so I realized that….” Emily couldn’t finish because Scott butted in,

“ Yes we know what you're gonna say, we solved it as soon as we started it. We didn’t tell you because you seemed so enthusiastic and we wanted you to have something to do. It's been so boring lately,” Scott said tiredly.

“Oh that's ok you were just thinking about me. Well now it's gonna get really boring because we finished that investigation,”  Emily sighed

“ Well why don't we meet up and go for a walk together,” Suggested Scott.

“Ok then meet you outside mine in an hour,” said Emily.


Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift  headed out towards Polhallow Lake. It was a peaceful Morning, the lake was glistening in the sunlight. Scott stopped.

“Hey guys come and look at this,” Scott shouted.

Jack turned around and shouted back, “What is it?”

They ran towards Scott and kneeled down to look at what he had discovered. “What is it?” Jack said.

“I don’t know,” Scott replied.

“It’s so golden,” grinned Jack “Do you think it’s gold?”

“Well it could be,” Emily said.

“Awesome”Scott cried.

“ Well it’s some sort of mineral. Lets see if we can get it out,” Emily whispered.

“Why are you whispering,” Jake said loudly.

“ I don’t want people to hear us and take it when we are gone. Like when Simon fox overheard us and took our treasure map,” Emily explained.

“Oh ok,” Jack replied. “Let's start digging then.

After twenty minutes they finally got it out. It was rock solid.

“Wow!” Jack whispered “It’s sort of heavy.”

“Yeah most minerals are heavy,” laughed Scott 

“Yeah but not all of them,” Emily corrected. “Come on let's take this rock thing back to the lighthouse,”suggested Emily, so they all set off back to the lighthouse where Emily lived. Jack and Scott examined the rock closely while Emily fed Drift as he was starving.

“Oh what, there isn't any dog food in the cupboard. There were loads of bags in here yesterday, what happened to them?” shouted Emily in distress.  “And Drift is starving!”

“Don’t worry I’ll go down to the post office and get some more. It’s just a coincidence,” Jack offered kindly.

Jack set off to the post office on his bike while the others investigated the rock.  Jack came back with packets of food for drift and a packet of crisps for himself.

“Emily come and help me in the kitchen. We have some new arrivals coming all the way from Canada,” shouted Emily's mum and dad. (Emily lives in a lighthouse which is a B&B and her mum and dad run it).

“Ok mum, coming,” Emily shouted back. “Well looks like you better be off. Keep investigating it,” said Emily waving her friends goodbye.

Jack and Scott set off back to the stone cottage where they were staying with their aunt. Jack and Scott went into their bedroom and Jack flopped down on his bed. “If it is gold…..

“Which it probably isn't,” Scott interrupted.

“ Then I would sell it and buy a limo and a mansion which comes with its own free helicopter,” Jack finished.

“Ok lets start investigating the rock….” Scott said whilst rolling his eyes.

“Do you smell burning?” Jack said. He sniffed.