World Book Day Round-Up

Lucy as Emily Wild, complete with investigation kit
Thank you for sending in your fantastic pictures of Adventure Island World Book Day costumes - I loved seeing them.

and  a brilliant Drift badge

Lola as Drift, with perfect face paint - one black ear, one white with brown spots!

I had a great week, with visits to some of my favourite schools.
Here are a few of the things I got up to . . .
Tuesday at Litcham School in Norfolk
Led a workshop on travel writing with a Y8 group. Students pitched their ideas for new travel books based close to home, including, Rubbish: One student's quest to throw a piece of litter in every bin in Norfolk and Dave: One student's quest to meet every man called Dave in South West Norfolk.  Then we journeyed farther afield. Inspired by extreme quests like Tony Hawkes' Round Ireland With A Fridge, how about From Little Mileham to South Africa with a Sloth but no Sugar. Playing the part of editor, the ideas were so great, I commissioned them all, and sent everyone off on their imaginary travels with super-generous imaginary expenses. I really enjoyed running a poetry workshop on the theme of Home with a Y7 group too - so many great ideas and lots of thoughtful, interesting work. Well done, everyone!

There is a lovely write-up of the visit on the Litcham Library blog. Thank you for your kind words, everyone!

Wednesday at Princethorpe Junior School in Birmingham (by video!)
Recorded a video to play in the WBD assembly tomorrow, announcing the winners of their hundred word story writing competition and reading out the winning story. I got to growl in the voice of a monstrous brute with the head of a lion and the body of a bull and wave a sword around. Well done, Logan! Logan's story can be seen on the Story Showcase on the Young Writers page. As an extra prize I'm going to write a short mystery featuring the winning children as the intrepid investigators.

Thursday at Coton Primary School near Cambridge
Almost cried in assembly.  As the children began singing I am the Lord of the Dance I was ambushed by the accumulated memories of the long-ago nativity plays, harvest festivals and leavers' assemblies I attended when my sons were there.
Helped a Y3 class invent tarantula cars and hedgehog bikes and unicorn planes and a supercars called the Lamborghini Big Pancake.
Met aY3 girl- called Emily -who had dressed up as Emily Wild. As if that was not enough joy, her little brother in Y1 was dressed up as Emily's dog, Drift!

Meet Drift the dog!
Friday at Kensington Primary School in Liverpool
Accompanied the head and seven children - one winner  per year group of the 'design a book cover for your favourite book' competition - to choose their very own book prize in lovely Liverpool Waterstones.
Created dangerous writing suspense scenes with Y6 - including much discussion of hero cats, killer hamsters, ninja dogs, being sucked into TVs, exploding cities, failing WIFI signal . . . the list goes on!

Saturday at home
Collapsed in a heap on the sofa . . . with a good book of course!