Travel Time

How lucky am I? I've always wanted to go to Australia and here I am having a lovely time on the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast and exploring the city of Brisbane. We came home via Thailand (I know, I told you I was lucky!) where my brother and his family live.

Holidays mean long journeys, which I love because that means lots of time for reading too. I really enjoyed Hilary McKay's The Skylark's War and Bai Rai's Now or Never. I'd thoroughly recommend both of them

Whenever I'm on my travels I always like to pop into the local bookshops to say hello.   I left with a pile of books by Australian author from a lovely independent bookshop in Brisbane with the great name, Where The Wild Things Are.

I'm home again now. Back to snowdrops and surprisingly warm Spring sunshine and happy dogs. And back at my writing desk  . . . I feel some new stories coming on.

Australian scenes . . .
Brisbane skyline
A surfer heading for the waves on a beautiful empty beach
Hanging around at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Home again . . .
Nice photo-bomb, Storm!

My Australian book haul . . .