If you like Adventure Island you'll love . . .

The other day I had some fantastic book post (the best kind of post!) when the lovely people at Laurence King publishers sent me a copy of a brilliant new book they've just bought out.

They thought Adventure Island readers might like to hear about Hoakes Island.

I'm pretty sure they're right!

If you enjoy Adventure Island (and/or Secrets of the Tombs) it's a safe bet that you are a big fan of mysteries. I'm guessing you really like maps, and brilliant illustrations and working out clues.  Like me, you probably love animals too.

Well, Hoakes Island has ALL THESE THINGS!

Hoakes Island, by Helen and Ian Friel is an interactive mystery packed full of riddles and codes and puzzles you have to figure out in order to save Hoakes Island park (and the amazing animals that live there) from from being destroyed. It's a great mystery story and is beautifully illustrated. Best of all, your guide through the puzzle is a talking anteater (and genius) called Rita. If you've read The Serpent King, you'll remember Shadow, so you know how much I love anteaters! Hoakes Island comes complete with a big fold-out map so you can plot the trail of clues and a special magnifying glass.

This is a really special book. There's so much to look at and do and find. Some of the puzzles are quite tricky, so it will keep you busy for hours - perfect for a long journey or a rainy weekend!

I'm going to have to keep a very careful eye on my copy in case Emily gets hold of it. I'm only halfway through and I can't wait to finish solving the mystery.

You can find out more about it and order a copy here. 

All this got me to thinking about other books that Adventure Island and Secrets of the Tombs readers might like. So I've started a list - just a few ideas for now -  I'll add more soon, including some that aren't mysteries (I do read other kinds of books sometimes too!) 

Have you read any great books you think other readers would like? Why not send me your recommendations (helen@castlekey.org.uk). I'll add them to this list. If you can add a few words about what you think is so special about the book that would be even better. We could start a whole new book-share page . . .



Murder Most Unladylike Series by Robin Stevens
The Sinclair's Mysteries by Katherine Woodfine
Lady Grace Mysteries by Grace Cavendish
The House of Eyes series by Patricia Elliott
The Ghosts of Shanghai series by Julian Sedgwick
The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence


The Laura Marlin Mysteries by Lauren St John
The Marsh Lane Mysteries by Elen Renner
The London Eye Mystery  by Siobhan Dowd
The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson
The Children of Castle Rock by Natasha Farrant
The Model Under Cover series by Carina Axelson
Eats by Camilla Chester
The Secret Breakers series by H L Dennis
The Spy Dog series by Andrew Cope


The Famous Five, Five Find-Outers and Dog and Mountain of Adventure series by Enid Blyton
The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper


Maths Quest: The Museum of Mysteries by David Glover