Thank you

I've had some lovely letters and e-mails from readers this week. I was delighted to receive a big envelope of letters from Y5 and Y6 pupils at Shakespeare Primary School in Leeds. They have been reading The Phoenix Code alongside their topic on ancient Egypt and had lots of great questions about the book. One of my favourite questions was whether Cleo and Ryan are going to get married and what jobs will they do when they grow up! I've been busy making some videos this morning with answers to the questions and some tips for writing their own mysteries.

I also received a message from a dad who is enjoying reading The Mystery of the Whistling Caves with his daughter (such a lovely message that it made me cry!), and a letter from a nine-year old boy who is reading The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost, and whose favourite character is Emily because she "leads the missions and uses evidence to find suspects" Who says boys don't like reading books with girl heroes! And then there was the brilliant story by a girl at a school I visited last week . . .

Thank you so much to you all. Your letters and messages have made my week and really spurred me on with my new project (more about this soon!)