Happy Christmas

I love Christmas.

We have an extra big chimney to make room for Father Christmas!

I love all the rushing around; buying presents and meeting friends and decorating the house and choosing the tree and baking mince pies and working late to finish off all the work that needs to be done before the holidays can begin. 

I love it when family arrive and we eat and drink and open presents and take the dogs for walks and play games and watch old films together.

About to tuck into Christmas dinner with my lovely Mum.

I also love these few quiet days after Christmas when time seems to stand still and take a breath until the tornado of busy-ness starts up again. This is a week for long walks, pyjamas and good books (not all at the same time!)

Storm and Maia take us for a long walk.
I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas, full of joy and peace and lovely surprises. But if  your Christmas has been a sad or difficult one for any reason, I wish you the strength and support you need to carry you to better times.

 Here's to 2016!