January School Visits Part Two

Say cheese! Photo from school website
I had an amazing day at Kensington Community Primary School, Liverpool last year and was thrilled to be invited back to work with their two Y3 classes again. This has to be one of my all-time favourite schools; there is such a warm and friendly atmosphere, and an obvious enjoyment in learning together.

I spent the morning with 3M and the afternoon with 3H, and we worked on coming up with new mystery stories for Jack, Scott, Emily and Drift. But the children weren't just planning the stories of The Mystery of the Ancient Aritfact and The Mystery of the Stolen Jewels;  they were multi-tasking by doing some clue-solving, code-breaking and map-reading along the way. They came up with lots of brilliant ideas and the stories had all sorts of twists and turns and cliff-hangers.

Three children play the parts of Jack, Scott and Emily in The Mystery of the Hidden Gold. Photo from school website
I feel famous! 
There is something really special about a return visit to a school. Although I live hundreds of miles from Liverpool, I now feel a lasting connection with Kensington Community Primary and all the children and staff I've met there. It was great to meet and chat with some of the pupils (now in Y4) I worked with last time over lunch.

There were lovely displays all about the Adventure Island books in the classrooms and the children were experts on Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift. I even had a table group named after me in one class (other tables were called Rowling, Dahl and so on - I'm overwhelmed to be in such illustrious company.) I don't think any author could aspire for a greater honour than having a table named after them1

Thank you to everyone at Kensington Community Primary for making me so welcome again. It was lovely to see you all and hope that you might even invite me back again next year!

Drift's stunt double, Scruffy, meets the class mascot. Photo from school website