Update on Secrets of the Tombs Two

If you enjoyed reading about Cleo and Ryan's adventures in The Valley of the Kings in The Phoenix Code, you might be wondering where their next mystery will take them - and more importantly, when!

I'm happy to tell you that I can now answer both questions.

(1) China
(2) June, 2015

If you were reading very carefully, you might have picked up a hint as to the first answer . . . in the final chapter of The Phoenix Code, Pete McNeil mentions that he's been asked to study a strange ancient burial in China. He wonders whether Ryan's Mum, Julie Flint would be interested in coming along to write some articles about the dig. So that's where they go. You can find out what happens next in The Dragon Path . . .

The final version will have lovely shiny foil lettering
 And here it is! A sneak preview of the new book cover. I hope you'll agree that the cover is fabulous - full of mystery and danger. I love it!

The Dragon Path opens as Cleo and Ryan meet up in London ready to leave for China with their families later that evening. Before they go, Cleo's grandmother (a famous archaeologist) reveals a "dark and dangerous secret" and entrusts them with a perilous mission. I won't give away the nature of the mission, except to say that it involves a jade ring, and fire-breathing dragons . . . (well, you might have guessed the dragon part from the name of the book and the cover!)

these objects will make an appearance

The book is all written and is now going through its final touches before being sent off to be printed ready for next summer.  I'll tell you lots more about it as the publication date draws closer. I was lucky enough to go to China in February to research locations and I'll be sharing lots of information about the fascinating things I found out there.

It was a little foggy!

Soon I will be taking all the Chinese materials down from my pinboard and replacing them with items from the location of the third book in the series . . . but I'm not going to tell you where that is just yet!

it may look a mess but it all makes sense to me (sort of!)