Lovely Surprises!

I have a confession to make. Every now and then I find that I‘ve spent a whole morning and done nothing but rewrite the same sentence fifteen times and I still can’t decide where to put the semi colon or whether a character should sprint or race or hurtle or dart or whether or not to just take out a that whole paragraph about running down the mountain because it’s not really going anywhere anyway.
Indecision should be my middle name. Then again, maybe not.  Because then my initials would spell HIM which would be weird.
...dressing up as Mrs Loveday . .. 
Sometimes the only way to move on is to distract myself by dressing up as Mrs Loveday and hoovering the dogs or dusting the dinner, or - this is the confession part  - by googling my books to see how they are getting on all by themselves out there in the big wide world.
Sometimes this leads to lovely surprises!
A few weeks ago I was very excited to find the blog of Class 3 at Madley Brook Community Primary School, where they had been reading The Mystery of the Whistling Caves as part of their term project on islands. They’d been doing all kinds of work, even thinking of new mysteries for Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift to solve.
I sent Class 3 a message to say hello and thank them for picking my book and I received a lovely message back from class teacher, Miss Jenkins – along with some photos of the work they had been doing. The children had all written their own mystery books.  Here are just a few of the lovely pictures.

So, a big Hello to Class Three. Congratulations on all your amazing work and on your excellent class blog. What a great way to share your work and learn together (and have lots of fun too!)