The Phoenix Code

There's a reason why the noticeboard in my office has been looked like this for most of last year!

Extra points if you know who the man in the black and white photo might be . . .

And there's a reason why I went on holiday to Egypt last year (well, apart from the fact it's an amazing country and somewhere I've always wanted to go).

On the Nile with my trusty co-conspirator

Yes, 2013 was all about the first book of the my new series, Secrets of the Tombs. It's called The Phoenix Code and it is set in The Valley of the Kings (that's where King Tutankhamun is buried, as well as numerous other New Kingdom pharaohs).

The Phoenix Code won't be out until Summer 2014, but here is a sneak preview of the cover.  Just look at that cool fiery phoenix! And those two kids running for their lives as if about to burst right out of the cover at you are Cleo McNeil and Ryan Flint,  our intrepid main characters.

If you liked the mystery and adventure of Adventure Island, I hope you will like Secrets of the Tombs as well. There are lots of the same ingredients:

  • unscrupulous criminals up to shady shenanigans and dastardly deeds? Check! 
  • problem-solving, code-breaking, and sleuthing of all kinds? Check!
  • menace and peril around every corner? Check!
  • funny bits? Check!
  • ice cream and cake? Check!
But now, with added ingredients too!
  •  History! 
  • Archaeology! 
  • Mummies and curses! 
  • And much much more (yes, it's twice as long as an Adventure Island mystery!)
There's a chase scene right here!
Here is the blurb . . .

When Ryan Flint accompanies his journalist mother to an archaeological expedition in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, he isn't expecting life-threatening danger and a 3,000-year-old murder mystery - but that's exactly what he finds! Before he knows it, he has joined forces with Cleo McNeil, an archaeologist's daughter, to solve secret codes, discover an ancient treasure and outwit a strange cult intent on gaining possession of the relic.

Can Ryan and Cleo unravel the mystery and solve the Phoenix Code before it's too late?

If you can't wait until July, you can pre-order The Phoenix Code on Amazon already.