Happy New Year!

Wishing you peace and health and happiness and all good things for 2014.

2013 was an exciting year. Adventure Island  11-14 were published (the last of the series, sniffle, sob!) and I started work on my new series for Orion (yippee!).  That meant that the year was all about Ancient Egypt, and now The Phoenix Code, the first book of the Secrets of the Tombs series is almost ready to go into production (with the copy-editor as we speak). More about this in the next blog post . . .

And what is next?  The year is off to a busy start already . . . a new book to plan, more overseas research travel to book, a language class signed up for, piles of history books ordered . . . where will the next book be set? I won't give it away just yet . . .

In the meantime, here's  the first exciting news of 2014 to share. Adventure Island has now been published by Kluitman in The Netherlands.

Here are the covers of the first two books, The Mystery of the Whistling Caves and The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost.

It's fascinating  to see how different the cover designs are from the UK originals, with their retro feel, and from the wonderful anime-style Japanese versions. The Dutch covers are great too; they have such a fresh modern look, while still having all the mystery elements, and I really love the expressions on the characters' faces on the first cover!

I hope that Dutch readers will enjoy reading these books. Emily, Scott, Jack and Drift are looking forward to meeting you all and inviting you along on their adventures. There is even a Dutch connection in one of the mysteries, but it doesn't happen until Book 14, The Mystery of the Phantom Lights, so there'll be a while to wait yet!