Questions, questions . . .

Do you have a dog called Drift?

Are you proud of your books?

Do you write books every day?

In the Mystery of the Whistling Caves, who is your favourite person?

These were just some of the cool questions I found when I opened a lovely fat envelope full of letters from Year 3 pupils at Duxford c/e Primary School a few weeks ago.

The letters were beautifully written. They were courteous and interesting and well presented. Even the spelling was excellent! I was so impressed I couldn't wait to meet the children who'd written them when I went to visit their school last week. And I wasn't disappointed. They were just as awesome in person as they were on paper. We had a lovely (if sweltering hot!) morning together.

And they are great artists too! Here's a sample of the artwork the children had on display, all based on The Mystery of the Whistling Caves. To see more, have a look at the exhibition on the Art Gallery Page.