Cakes, Books and Sunshine!

I always love receiving invitations to visit schools to talk about books and reading and writing stories (not to mention, dogs and salamanders and brussels sprouts and ice lollies and other pressing issues of the day).

Recently I received an extra-special invitation. Eight-year old Katherine told me that she had been reading the Adventure Island books and asked if I could come to her school, Bignold Primary, in Norwich. Not only had she told her teacher and all her class-mates about the books, she also organised a cake sale to raise money to pay for the visit.


Katherine is a great example of how if you want to do something, with  loads of initiative, hard work and imagination, you can make it happen!

Here is a picture of the cake sale. Katherine's friends helped to run it, and all the class helped baking cakes and of course, buying and eating them all (eating cake - it's a tough job but someone's got to do it!)

And here is Katherine herself, as featured in the Norwich Evening News, who ran an article all about her awesome idea and efforts. Read it here!

Thank you to Katherine, your teacher, Mrs Norman, your class-mates and and everyone at Bignold Primary School for a really lovely day.  True, it was so hot that we all almost melted, but luckily we invented the Porsche Penguin in the nick of time; it drove through the playground firing ice lollies in through the classroom window (in our imaginations at least!)

And thank you for all the great artwork that I saw. I was very touched by the posters that the children had done about me based on their on-line research and loved the awesome pictures of  The Mystery of the Whistling Caves. Here is a sample. Lots more coming soon on the Art Gallery page - do have a look. I think we have some future designers here!

Have a lovely summer holiday!