Adventure Island Quiz Special

As you know Adventure Island readers are an amazing super-talented and fabulous bunch. You can marvel at their artistic and creative writing skills on the Art Gallery and Story Showcase.
But but did you know that they are also mega-brainy experts on children's literature as well?
Well you do now.

Meet Amy Smith from Lanarkshire. Amy is a very special girl and she is a massively keen reader. In fact she's such an expert on children's fiction that she was part of the winning team in the North Lanarkshire Primary Reading Quiz AND she was a reviewer for Edinburgh International Book Festival this year. Amy often gets in touch to let me know how she is getting on and what she's reading and it's always such a pleasure to hear from her. Here is a lovely photo of Amy with a lamb she named herself (she chose the name Ares). 
Not content with acing quizzes, Amy has set one to share with us all. So, if you think you know your way round Adventure Island, have a try at this quiz and see how many you get right.

Thank you, Amy, for a fantastic quiz!

Amy and Ares

The Quiz

Warning: Spoiler Alert. Some of the quiz questions do give the plots of the books away a little bit, so if you've not read all the books you might want to wait before attempting this!

Guess what? I didn't get them all right!

1. Who was the villain in The Mystery of the Whistling Caves ?

2. Who is Jessica Jones` twin sister ?

3. What is the longest word in any of the 14 book titles ?

4.  What is Liam Kerrow`s occupation ?

5. What newspaper does Neil Denton work for ?

6.  Where was Scott and Jack`s dad during their first summer in Castle Key ?

7. Which football team does Prince Sebastian want to play for ?

8. Who is Jack`s arch enemy ?

9. Which old smuggling family are Scott and Jack decsended from ?

10. What is the name of Emily`s great aunt ?

11. What is the name of Scott`s pet cat ?

12.  Name 3 members of the Copycat Gang

13. What is the name of the circus that comes to Castle Key every summer ?

14. Who is the detective inspector that appears in the series ?

15.  Which pop star does Dotty look like ?

16.  Who or what is Rolo ?

17. What is the name of Prince Sebastian`s sister ?

18. What was Simon Fox`s real name ?

19. Which band was Emily`s dad a part of?

20. Which sea creature is Jack afraid of ?
 Superfan Questions

1. What was Rudge`s real name?

2. Where did Emily`s great aunt have her birthday party ?

3. What is the name of Bella`s older sister ?

4.  Who is Steve Matlock`s dad ?

5.  Who was the M16 agent that came to visit ?