Cambridge Crime Caper

Thank you to everyone who came along to Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge on Tuesday for the combined Emily Winslow launch party PLUS Adventure Island extravaganza . . .

Now, children, let's talk about plotting the perfect crime . . .
It was something of a surreal evening, with a tropical heatwave going on, Cambridge bursting with students in fabulous evening dress for the college May Balls, and crime fiction fans of all ages packed into a veritable furnace of excitement.

While Emily was talking about her NOT ONE BUT TWO brilliant new crime novels in the main shop, where sensible grown ups were enjoying cold white wine and nibbles, I was having great fun chatting with lots of enthusiastic and imaginative kids about evil laughs, how you could steal five metric tonnes of Nutella or the world's biggest egg hat, inventing the Bugatti Sprout and re-enacting scenes from the Mystery of the Black Salamander.

The only downside was that I couldn't hear Emily's talk at the same time - but at least we had all the squash and jammy dodgers!

Growing old is compulsory. Growing up is not!
Thank you to Emily for inviting me to take part in the evening!

Meanwhile . . .  

PS. Emily's books are great! If you love psychological crime puzzle novels and have enjoyed books by authors like Sophie Hannah, then run out and buy them now!