Design-A-Spy-Gadget Competition Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who sent in your brilliant ideas for the design-a-spy-gadget competition.

Emily, Scott and Jack (and Drift) have been busy judging all the entries and having monster arguments about which ones should win: they were all so good! In the end, they managed to chose a Top Ten, and  finally, a runner-up and a winner.

All of the Top Ten entries can be seen on the Art Gallery Page

Well done, everyone, for your clever, original and beautifully presented designs.

So, drum roll please . . . .

The Runner-Up

Agent Snowy_Owl10 for the ingenious "fly on the wall" gadget (also voted Most Impressive Presentation, for the amazing blue-print effect)

Well done, Agent Snowy_Owl10!

The Winner

Phoebe Christian for the wonderful Glasses and Case Gadget. This one won out because of the brilliant attention to detail - it has just about everything you could need for an investigation - plus there was a custom-made version for Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift.

Well done, Phoebe!
An Adventure Island goodie-bag will be on its way to you shortly.