How Cool Is This?

Adventure Island readers are a mega-talented bunch!
Emily, Jack and Scott
by Agent Snowy_Owl10
They write amazing stories and poetry. They
draw brilliant pictures and maps and book covers and even brochures. Lots of them are busy designing spy gadgets for the competition - the entries are coming in all the time. Over on the Adventure Island website they've been setting each other brain-baffling riddles too.

I post as much art work as I can on the Art Gallery page - do have a look. And written pieces can be seen in the Story Showcase at the end of the Young Writers page. But I wanted to share two of my recent favourites with you right here on the front page of the website as I  think they deserve a bit of extra publicity!

First, this wonderful Chibi* version of Emily, Jack and Scott, by Agent Snowy_Owl10.
(*Chibis are super-cute anime-style characters, by the way.)

And second, this lovely poem from Agent 123.

Thank you to Agent Snowy_Owl10 and Agent 123 for sending in these brilliant pieces of work - and to everyone who has sent pictures, stories and poems - I love them all! And if you would like to see your work featured on the website, please send to me via the link on the "About the Author" page.

If I had a week in Castle Key,
I'd ask Emily to row me out to sea,
Where I'll watch the whistling caves then go to see
If any Saxon artifacts have been stolen recently.
If i had a week in Castle Key,
I'd spy on a ghost then happily
Talk to a film star while behind a tree,
And set of a fire alarm to scare away the police.
If I had a week in Castle Key,
I'd go to Gull.'s island just to see,
All criminals on there and count to 3,
As a very dangerous bullet whizzes after me.
If I had a week in Castle Key,
I'd investigate a very strange robbery, 
Stake out like a pigeon up a tree,
And jump on a ruthless art thief.
If I had a week in Castle Key,
I'd investigate a cursed ruby,
I'd stop it being sold for a whopping great fee,
And hide in a jar while a sword brushes me.
If I had a week in Castle Key,
I'd watch a skeleton commit robbery
I'd meet a reporter and wish she were me, 
That's what I'd do in Castle Key!
by Agent 123