Mystery Story Winner Announced

Over on the Adventure Island website, Scott, Jack and Emily have been running a competition for readers to send in their own Adventure Island mystery stories.  Today the three friends (and Drift, of course!) have have been busy picking out the winners.

Here are the results, in Scott's own words.

 Congratulations to everyone who entered the Mystery Story Competition. The entries were all AMAZING! Jack and I have been reading them all afternoon here in London, and Emily has been reading them at The Lighthouse – we’ve been talking to each other on Skype and having loads of arguments about who should win! It was almost impossible to decide because they were all so brilliant!

In the end we got it down to a shortlist of six.So, here they are (some people sent their stories in with the Agent Name and some with their actual name, and some with both so it’s a bit of a mixture)In no particular order, the shortlisted stories are: 

The Mystery of the Secret Legend by Agent Elizabeth
The Mystery of the Impossible Kidnappers by Emma  (Agent 123)
The Mystery of the Locked Door by Agent Snowy_Owl10
The Mystery of the Smugglers’ Crates by Maddy Johnson
The Mystery of the Model Ship by Evonne Lee
The Mystery of the Spy Ring by Joel Johnson
 All of these stories were easily good enough to be the winner so in the end we put the names into a hat and picked one out and it is . . .The Mystery of the Impossible Kidnappers by Emma.
Congratulations, Agent 123! You are the winner of the Mystery Story Competition.  You will receive the prize of the Adventure Island goody bag and an Adventure Island book signed by the author.
But the other five stories on the shortlist were so awesome that we think you all deserve a runner-up prize of a signed book. 
So well done everyone who entered and especially the six shortlisted authors.  The standard of stories was amazing – so keep writing!
PS. I’m afraid Jack’s story didn’t make it onto the shortlist!
All six short-listed stories have now been posted on the Story Showcase on the Young Writers page of this website for everyone to read and enjoy.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition, and especially to the shortlisted authors and to Emma.