Father Christmas's Bedtime Reading?

Father Christmas's Bedtime Reading?
The eagle-eyed among you (those of you who have been reading Emily's tips for improving your memory and observation skills over on the Adventure Island website, perhaps!) may have noticed the appearance of a new icon on the front page of my website.

So you may be wondering . . .
"What is wamki?"
Wonder no more!

Wamki stands for "What Are My Kids Into?"

It's a brilliant, fun website with lots of great ideas for books, films, fashion, music etc for boys and girls of different ages - perfect for picking out presents for kids. Also, I would think, great at this time of year for the kids themselves to browse for ideas before writing their letters to Santa!

(I have a feeling that Father Christmas is probably a frequent visitor to the wamki website too!)

So, I was terribly excited and honoured, when one of the lovely ladies behind this great website came to chat to me at the end of my Festival of Ideas talk during half term - she'd come along with her three sons - and offered to feature the Adventure Island books on the wamki site.  (you'll find them in the 5-8 and 9-12 books for boys and girls categories! There is a link there to an incredible bargain price offer on The Book People website - all ten books for 9.99!) 

So a big thank you to wamki for featuring my books.

And if you are starting to think about Christmas presents or have birthdays looming on the horizon, do have a look on the wamki website. Inspiration is just a click away!