Going North!

If you are anywhere near Newcastle tomorrow please come along and say hello. I'll be talking and signing books at the Children's Book Fest at Castlegate from 4pm. I can't wait! I have a confession to make. I've never been to Newcastle before. But I'm not going alone. I will have my trusty friend, Terry T. Rex with me. Or, at least, a claw, a tooth and a brain case. I've borrowed him from the lovely people at the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge. He's never been to Newcastle either, so we'll be exploring together.

Unfortunately I can only stay one night and won't
get to see any of the other great talks (have a look  to see just what a great line-up they've got!)
I can hardly believe I'm on the same programme as all those amazing authors.

And talking of the Sedgwick Museum, I'll be there on November 2nd giving a talk as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. It's called Dastardly Deeds and Shady Shenanigans and will be all about the different ways to get ideas for stories . . . including The Mystery of the Dinosaur Discovery, of course.