Bishops Stortford Book Signing

By Josie Eaton
It's weeks ago now, but what with school holidays and book deadlines, blog posts have got a little lost by the wayside lately. At the end of July I spent a lovely Saturday with the nice people in Waterstones in Bishops Stortford, signing books and meeting lots of young readers.

I had a little competition running, in which I asked people for their suggestions for new mysteries for Emily Scott Jack and Drift to solve - which could be as silly or as dramatic as they liked. The winner was Josie Eaton for her suggestion of The Mystery of the Stolen Puppies. Doesn't that sound like it would make an exciting mystery?  I know Drift would stop at nothing to make sure that those puppies were all found safely! A big shout-out too to Lily for her suggestion of the very intriguing sounding The Mystery of the Broken Door. It was lovely to talk to you both. Josie wins signed copies of The Mystery of the Dinosaur Discovery and The Mystery of the Drowning Man (I'll be in touch soon to arrange to get the books to you!).

Josie is also a very talented artist. She brought in a picture she had done of the cover of The Mystery of the Vanishing Skeleton for me - I think you'll agree it's absolutely brilliant - and such a lovely kind thought to bring me a picture.