Launch Party Photo Gallery

Lots of photos from the lovely launch party at Heffers, Cambridge on 26th April, 2012
Thank you to Judith Greenwood, Nina Douglas and Jenny Savill for sending me you photos, some of which are included below. There are more to come, but here are a few to start with . . .

Everybody needs a hat
A pen and a glass of wine - perfect!
"Scruffy will play the part of Drift."
Mum and Dad
Scruffy (aka Drift) in the Author's Throne
Helen and Amber
Jenny and Helen
me and my book!
lots of lovely people
Hard at work!
Nina and Helen with Rosemary Hayes

jam tarts and gingerbread at the ready

Helen, Vicki and Amber 
Helen with Anne Worthington
Helen and Amber - yes our dresses do clash a bit!
Reading plus drama - it's over there!