Meet the New Arrivals!

Cute or what?
And as if that wasn't enough (see previous blog post!), the duckling eggs that we've had in the incubator for the last 28 days began to hatch on Thursday too! Two emerged in the early hours of Thursday morning, three more during the day and another was waiting for us when we arrived home from the launch party in the evening. By Friday nine of the twelve eggs had hatched.

They are Indian Runner Ducks.  They'll live in a big box in the kitchen keeping warm under a heat lamp for a couple of weeks until they're old enough to move into larger accommodation . . .

I bet you can't watch this video without saying Awwwwwww! at least once! Go on, I challenge you!

If you listen very carefully you can hear my son,Will (that's his leg and hand you can see - he's sitting on the floor with the ducklings) telling you some of the names we've given them ... Pingu is the one who looks like a penguin. Then there's Wiggles and Beaky - and some other names you might just recognise; Jack . . . Scott . . . Emily? Well, they did hatch out on the day of the Adventure Island launch party!!! Three of the ducklings don't have names yet. Any suggestions?

STOP PRESS: The little brown duckling that falls over in the video has now been named Zoomy!