Blog Neglect

Reasons for Serious Blog Neglect
  1. Through a bizarre distortion of the time-space continuum, the deadline for Adventure Island 9, The Mystery of the Smugglers’ Wreck came around much faster than I could possibly have imagined, calling for a total shut-down of all non-life-essential functions (including moving, speaking and shopping)
  2. Which may have had something to do with having blithely agreed to do lots of lovely school visits. I’d somehow conned myself that they took place in some parallel universe and therefore wouldn’t in anyway eat into the same pool of time as available for writing.
  3. As for (2) but substitute ‘school visits’ with ‘guest blog posts’.** 
  4. And then there was the histrionic meltdown.  My laptop, this time, not me. Just because I told it to hurry up when it was in the middle of a three hour upgrade (which I had neither asked for nor agreed to!) the hard disk self-destructed. Not too much work was actually lost but there was a great deal of faffing to get everything re-installed and up and running again (and thank heavens for Mac coming to the rescue as always).
But now the first draft of Book 9 has been despatched, the blog tour is over and the school visits are done and dusted, for a few weeks at least. Phew! Two days off this week to have a potter in town and take the dogs for a really long walk - they’ve been on minimal barely-enough walks for the last few weeks and feeling very put out about it. And I’ve made cakes for the boys too. The cupboards have been noticeably lacking in any home-baked goodies for some time.

They’d better make the most of it. I have to start Book 10 now!

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